This is one of my all time favorite ways to use up leftover apples during the fall and winter! I like to spread this apple butter on toast, muffins and sandwiches. I also love swirling it into yogurt at breakfast and adding it to a cheese board when entertaining.

The best part about this recipe? It's as simple as adding all of the ingredients to your crockpot. While the butter cooks, your house is going to smell absolutely amazing - just like fall!

Apples are a great source of the soluble fiber pectin. Soluble fiber helps to lower cholesterol levels and improves gut function.

These chocolate hazelnut energy bites are the perfect sweet treat or afternoon snack. Unlike most desserts, these bites contain protein and healthy fats (thanks to the almond butter and hazelnuts), which make these more satiating and filling They are sweetened naturally with dates, which provide the sweet taste but also provide fiber which also makes these more satiating and helps to balance blood sugar.

We recommend storing these in the fridge or freezer so that you have something nutrient-dense to satisfy those sweet cravings!

This peach and blueberry crostata is one of our all-time favorite summer desserts from Ina Garten. This is such a fantastic way to use up any extra blueberries or peaches you have on-hand during the summer.

While this is definitely a decadent dessert, the fruit adds nutrients including vitamins, antioxidants and fiber! Blueberries are loaded with anthocyanins, a plant compound which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects within the body. Peaches are a good source of vitamin C and potassium.

Store your extra dough in the freezer for future baked goods!

This Hulk Muffin recipe is a favorite of ours from Brighter Bites, a fantastic organization providing fresh produce and nutrition education to underserved children.

These delicious muffins are packed with fruits and veggies including spinach (a whole bag to be exact!), bananas and applesauce. They are such a hit with children thanks to their name and green color yet you can feel good knowing your child is getting in some fruits and veggies at breakfast or snack time.

Serve these muffins with a smear of peanut butter for healthy fat and protein.

I just discovered Banana Nice Cream and am kicking myself for missing out on this gem all of these years! This banana peanut butter nice cream recipe is the perfect summer dessert. It's refreshing and certainly tastes indulgent yet is made so simply with just frozen bananas, peanut butter and almond milk!

This recipe from Fit Foodie Finds is now one of my favorite, easy summertime desserts. You are missing out if you haven't given banana nice cream a try!

There are so many recipes for dutch baby pancakes but this one, which was inspired by a New York Times recipe, is so easy and delicious and has become a family favorite.

A dutch baby pancake is a hybrid between a crepe, pancake and popover that is made in a large cast iron skillet in the oven. We were intimidated to try it but once we realized how easy and delicious they are, we quickly added dutch baby pancakes to our weekend brunch rotation! This version tastes like a cross between a pancake and french toast - yum!