Thanks to the many vegetables used in this recipe, this lasagna is packed full of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Using zucchini instead of regular noodles is a great way to lighten up a traditional lasagna meal and add a boost of nutrients.

Layering the ingredients adds so much flavor and complexity.

This recipe comes together so quickly and will be a dish that your whole family falls in love with!

This sheet pan meal is so easy and delicious! We love the combination of spices that turn an otherwise boring chicken into a flavorful and filling meal.

Paprika and cumin add flavor, aroma, and color to dishes without adding sodium or fat. The sweet potatoes in this dish provide fiber, vitamins, and minerals while the chicken is a nutritious source of lean protein. Complete this bowl with arugula, hummus, and your favorite whole wheat pita or naan for a truly Mediterranean inspired bowl. 

This is such a delicious adaptation of a salmon recipe from Chef  Yottam Ottelenghi! We made the original recipe a bit simpler while keeping Chef Ottelenghi's classic flavors. I know you will love it just as much as I do!

Salmon is loaded with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and protein. It also contains vitamin D, a vitamin that isn't found abundantly in our food supply yet is so important for immune and bone health.

Use your leftover summer sheet pan ratatouille veggies for his quick and easy weeknight meal!

Pasta can be part of the Mediterranean diet, especially when it is done right! Always pick a whole wheat pasta or a legume-based pasta as this adds more fiber and nutrients. Pack your pasta plate with tons of veggies - like the eggplant, peppers, summer squash, tomatoes and onions in this dish. Opt for a simple sauce made with pasta water, olive oil and lemon juice or a tomato-based sauce. Cream-based sauces are loaded with calories and saturated fat.

If you are craving asian takeout food, this is a quick & easy alternative that's packed with the same flavors but with added nutrients. Asian sauces can be high in sugar and sodium but these ingredients really aren't necessary for good flavor. That's why we prefer making our own with simple ingredients like ketchup, lime juice, siracha and fish sauce.

Shrimp are a great source of lean protein that add a unique flavor and work perfectly in stir-fried dishes. Brown rice noodles are an upgrade to noodles made with refined grains in most popular noodle dishes.

This comes together so quickly making it a perfect weeknight meal!

This is a great recipe for nights when you just don't know what to cook! It is just so easy to pop the ingredients in the slow cooker and voila, in 4-6 hours you have a super flavorful and satisfying meal. We love this chicken over zoodles or your favorite whole grain. To change it up, you can always add the shredded chicken to a pita pocket or to whole grain bread.
This chicken freezes really well so freeze leftovers for busy weeknights in the future!