Nutrition Counseling

It’s time to think fully about wellness.

Fully Living

The “Fully Living” package includes six nutrition counseling sessions centered around the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle education. Each session will provide you with the accountability and confidence in your food choices and the tools you need to implement lifelong and healthy living habits.

6 Sessions:

Custom Menu Planning

Grocery Shopping Tour

Kitchen and Pantry Revamp

Personalized Dining Out Guide

Individualized Meal Plan

Handouts and Guides to Help You Reach Your Goals

*Follow up sessions as needed


“Within 9 months of working with Pam, my weight never fluctuated, my sleep patterns improved and, most importantly, I dramatically enhanced my scores. My HDL went from 36 to 60 mg/dL with similar progress in my LDL and LDL-P results, which my doctor highlights as the single fastest improvement he has ever seen. I was staring down the path of becoming a Vegan – my doctor’s recommendation – which is completely out of the question for a carnivore from West Texas like me. Pam’s program, alternatively, allowed me to maintain a more realistic approach for the rest of my life. While I expect my cholesterol to remain in check, I am actually enjoying my newfound relationship with fish, fruits and veggies, along with the less frequent red meats, of course. Her entire approach is nonthreatening, user friendly and grounded in proven science rather than fads. It starts with education, which was critical for me, and walks through proper planning for meals and snacks. She even helped me dissect menus from my favorite restaurants.” – Shea